The Zipper

The Zipper is a 48" or 60" span plank style glider, with a stubby fuselage, nearly straight wing, and vertical fin.

The Zipper is a favorite among slope soaring pilots around the world, due to its sleek lines and fantastic flying capabilities.

Off the Edge sailplanes recently acquired the rights to produce the Zipper worldwide.

Check out a review by Andy Ellison of the 48" Zipper.

Kit Contains

  • 1 x set of foam wing cores
  • Fibreglass fuselage and canopy
  • 1 x pre-cut balsa tail
  • Pre-cut fuselage bulkheads
  • 1 x pack control horns and push rods
  • Detailed Instructions

Zipper Specifications
  • Materials: Foam wing cores (to be ply sheeted), Fibreglass fuselage.
  • Span: 1.2 metres or 1.5 metres wingspan  (48 inches / 60 inches)
  • AUW: ~700 grams (48")
  • Airfoil: PW51 modified

You will need the following equipment to complete the Zipper
  • Radio Control Transmitter (2ch minimum)
  • Radio Control Receiver
  • V-Tail mixer or computer radio mixing
  • 2 x servos (micro size) add servos to your order here
  • 1 x AAA 4.8v flight battery pack
  • 1/64 Ply for sheeting the wings
  • Paint for fuselage
  • Wing covering materials (fibreglass, iron on film or paint)
  • Lost Model Alarm (optional) add a lost model alarm to your order here

Zipper Kit Cost: $125.00 per kit
Postage: $20.00 per kit Australia wide, or $40 per kit for International orders.

Please select the wing span you would like to order below, and select your shipping destination.


  Photo by Andy Ellison